Meeting room rental

The Perth & District Union Public Library has two meeting rooms for use by the public on a rental basis:

Marguerite Frizell Room on the second floor of the library, with space for large or small groups:
The Frizell Room may be rented for a minimum fee of $40 for up to three hours of access, plus $10 for each additional hour or portion thereof. A maximum of 80 people may be in the room at one time, depending on setup. There is elevator access to the second floor.

Common Room on the first floor of the library, with space for small groups:
The Common Room is a quiet study and research area open to the public. It may be rented for a fee of $20 for a block of up to two hours. A maximum of 20 people may be in the room at one time.

  • Rentals must be during library opening hours, and renters are requested to end their programs at least 15 minutes before the library closes so as to complete cleanup by closing time.
  • Rental fees are due prior to the booking, and may be paid by cash or cheque at the library.
  • The person signing for the room on behalf of the organization accepts responsibility for the property and the deportment of the group renting the room.
  • The library is in no way responsible for any injuries sustained during the use of the room.
  • The library is a smoke-free building and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
  • Audio-visual equipment is also available for use in the meeting rooms.

See the full community space policy.

To book a room, please contact the library at 613-267-1224 or use our online booking tool.